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LEAVE IT TO CLEAVAGE is an improvised comedy show hosted by two perky 50s housewives (full of martinis and Valium,) who aim to put the ‘good’ back in the ‘good old days.’

Audience participation is the main ingredient in this deliciously hilarious comedy cocktail.

The gals get to know the audience by going table-to-table giving out their ‘Welcome Wagon’ treats.

Suggestions from the audience help them re-write their 'Helpful Housewife Tips.'

Special guests stars drop by for a snappy cocktail and maybe a song.

The Original ‘Real Housewives’ of Canada-b.png

The gals even re-create a 'Day in the Life' of someone in the audience who has both a family and (CLUTCH PEARLS) a job!


The second half of the show is the ultimate game show about relationships: "POP THE QUESTION," which asks the age-old question: Who is happier? Married or single people?

Four single and four married 'volunteers' are brought on stage to become opposing teams.


Each round, one person from each team must answer a multiple-choice question about relationships by popping a paper bag filled with their own hot air.


Whoever gets the right answer wins points for their team.


Whoever loses, has to go for 'RELATIONSHIP RE-TRAINING.' (Being part of an improv scene with the gals!) Miraculously, the game always ends in a tie.


The gals learn that being single is just as fabulous as being hitched and everyone goes home a winner with incredibly lame prizes.



"I am proud to have brought 'Leave It To Cleavage' to our audience on four separate occasions. The show is a wild mix of 'Whose Line is it Anyway' and 'Leave It To Beaver.'


Brought to life by some of Canada’s best improvisors who are guaranteed to have audiences talking about it for weeks after!"

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LEAVE IT TO CLEAVAGE is the partly-scripted, partly-improvised comedy show originally conceived by award-winning comedians DIANA FRANCES and ELLIE HARVIE.

Inspired by a bonkers article they found in a 1950's edition of 'Good Housekeeping Magazine' called 'THE RULES TO BEING A GOOD HOUSEWIFE,' their feminist rage quickly recognized that these 'tips' needed a good solid roasting for 45 mins, with a salty pinch of audience participation.

Premiering at the Burnaby Shadbolt Centre's OUTRAGEOUS WOMEN CABARET, the show was an instant hit. Additional cast members were added, the show expanded into two acts and toured the country.

LEAVE IT TO CLEAVAGE was nominated for a CANADIAN COMEDY AWARD for 'BEST IMPROV GROUP' and founder Diana Frances has been nominated for 8 Canadian Comedy Awards for 'BEST FEMALE IMPROVISER.'

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Diana is a Canadian Screen Award winning writer for her work on ‘Corner Gas: Animated’, for which she was also nominated for a Writer’s Guild of Canada Award.


As an improviser, Diana has been nominated for 8 Canadian Comedy Awards and has entertained our Canadian soldiers in Bosnia, Egypt, Israel and Afghanistan.


Diana has toured the world with Second City Theatricals, Girls Nite Out, Rock Paper Scissors and she is an alumni of The Vancouver TheatreSports League.


Diana is a really good parallel parker.

Christine Lippa.jpg



Christine is an actor, stand up, improvisor and writer with over 30 years experience.


She has performed stand up comedy and improv in concert halls and dive bars across Canada, including Montreal’s Just For Laughs.


This summer Lippa put on a toque and parka during the heat dome to play the “Canadian Sounding Mayor” on Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch’s feature, A Clusterfünke Christmas.”


Christine currently has 3 dead budgies in her freezer.




Karen is a Canadian Comedy Award winning actor and an alumna of the Second City Toronto MainStage.


Karen has performed with theatre companies across Canada including the recent run of ‘She The People’ with Mirvish Productions.


She tours with her comedy troupes The Lusty Mannequins and Girls Night Out. She can be seen in the TV shows ’What We Do In The Shadows,’ ‘Tallboyz,’ ‘Mrs. America,’ ‘Baroness Von Sketch Show’ and more.


Karen really loves her cat, Steven.

The Original ‘Real Housewives’ of Canada-stacked b.png
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Tuesday 14th March - 9.30pm

Friday 17th March - 9.30pm

Tuesday 21st March - 9.30pm

Friday 24th March - 9.30pm

Tuesday 27th March - 9.30pm

Friday 3st March - 9.30pm


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